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Christie Almeyda Genetic diversity among endogenous plant pararetroviral sequences from geographically diverse sources of dahlia (Dahlia spp.)
Bimal Amaradasa Genetic diversity of Cercospora seminalis causing false smut disease of buffalograss
Achour Amiri Is the super-resistant fungus among us? Genesis and consequences of recent epidemic of Botrytis cinerea in strawberry fields in Florida
Brett Arenz Plant host effects on rhizosphere bacterial communities and pathogen suppression
Mohammad Babadoost Occurrence of bacterial spot (Xanthomonas cucurbitae) in pumpkin fields in the Midwest
Sudeep Bag Seasonal dynamics of Iris yellow spot virus transmitters among Thrips tabaci populations from onion fields
Basavaraj Bagewadi All plant virus chip: Shifting from proof to use
Brian Bahder Virus diversity in Washington State Concord vineyards
Lyric Bartholomay The molecular basis of vector competence in mosquito-arbovirus interactions
Kendra Baumgartner Identification of tree-crop rootstocks with resistance to Armillaria root disease
Barry Beaty LaCrosse virus modifies the behavior of its mosquito vector
DeAndra Beck International funding cooperation
Fred Below Influence of ethylene inhibitors on plant physiology, biomass, and yield
Andrew Berg Genome sequencing of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense tropical race 4 strain II5
Robert Bertram USAID_s new strategic research focus toward feeding the future
Peter Bonants The results of QBOL deposited in the Q-bank database to support plant health diagnostics
Morris Bonde Effects of dew-period temperature changes on initiation of infection in soybean by Phakopsora pachyrhizi
James Bradeen Our expanding SolaR80 system: Toward comprehensive survey of the solanaceae R-gene space
Kirk Broders Welcome to the micropolis: How metagenomics can enhance plant pathology research
Kathleen Burchhardt Population genetics of the fungal pathogen Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi in blueberry fields throughout the United States
Rosa Caiazzo Occurrence and phenotypes of pyrimethanil resistance in Penicillium expansum from apple
Carolina Calderon Morphological characterization of Colletotrichum species isolated from mango and tree tomato in Cundinamarca and Tolima, Colombia
Yun Chen Biofilm formation of Bacillus subtilis on tomato roots enhances biocontrol efficacy against tomato bacterial wilt disease caused by Ralstonia solanacearum
Josias Correa De Faria The epidemiology of Bean golden mosaic virus in transgenic bean lines
Pedro Crous Asexuality across the kingdom Fungi and the taxonomic challenges of species delineation
Christian Joseph Cumagun Phylogenetic analysis, fumonisin production, and genetic variability of Fusarium fujikuroi strains isolated from rice in the Philippines
Washington L. da Silva Flooding-associated soft rot of sweet potato storage roots caused by Clostridium
Ken Dahlenberg A grower's perspective
Kenneth Damann A role for mating type in Aspergillus flavus infection of corn and in biological control?
Anne Dorrance Efficacy of ethaboxam toward species of Phytophthora and Pythium
Jeremiah Dung Incidence and impact of Verticillium dahliae in dirt associated with certified potato seed lots
Amara Dunn Monitoring changes in population structure of an isolated research population of Phytophthora capsici
Wade Elmer Influence of Fusarium palustre, drought, and DMSO on herbivory of Spartina alterniflora by marsh crabs
Akif Eskalen A new pest: Fusarium sp. and its vector tea shot-hole borer (Euwallacea fornicatus) causing Fusarium dieback on avocado in California
Kellye Eversole Policy 101: A not-so-boring look at how government works
Dolores Fernandez-Ortuno Characterization and management of Botrytis cinerea resistant to multiple fungicides
Dilantha Fernando Blackleg in canola seed and dockage: Can it cause plant infections?
Francis Ferrandino Latent period and infectious period: Useful concepts or vague notions
Juan Jose Filgueira-Duarte Phylogenetic analysis of a group of species of the genus Fusarium using DNA microsequences
Helga Forster Reproducing bacterial blast of sweet cherry in the field and identifying new treatments for managing the disease
Jake Fountain Identification of maize WRKY transcription factors responding to Aspergillus flavus infection and their roles in resistance to aflatoxin contamination
Felix Francis Genomic island-based plasticity among the genomes of rice-pathogenic Burkholderia glumae and B. gladioli strains
Zachary Frederick Practical and qualitative resistance to trifloxystrobin in populations of Venturia inaequalis in the northeastern United States
Josh Freeman Managing root-knot nematode in tomato using resistant rootstocks
Andrew Friskop Race diversity of Puccinia helianthi (sunflower rust) in the Northern Great Plains in 2011
Marc Fuchs New threats on the horizon for the fruit tree industry
Ana Fulladolsa Optimization and application of a chemiluminescent dot-blot immunoassay for detection of potato viruses
Liangliang Gao RNA-seq comparison of tuber and foliage transcriptome dynamics in response to late blight pathogen attack
Candice Gardner The National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS) and GRIN-Global
Karen Garrett New frameworks in disease ecology that address the micropolis
David Geiser Challenges and opportunities for species recognition in Fusarium provided by genomics
Maxwell Gilley Frequency of fungi associated with giant miscanthus in 2011
Paul Giordano Acidovorax avenae subsp. avenae: An emerging bacterial pathogen on creeping bentgrass
Lorena Gomez-Montano Fungal and bacterial community responses to fallow period in the Bolivian highlands
Fabricio Goncalves Simulated rainfall to evaluate removal of pyraclostrobin applied for control of postbloom fruit drop of citrus
Erica Goss Emergence of Phytophthora pathogens by hybridization
John Gottula Identification, phylogenetic relationships, and biological properties of large satellite RNAs associated with Grapevine fanleaf virus
James Graham Integration of soil-applied neonicotinoid insecticides and acibenzolar-S-methyl for systemic acquired resistance (SAR) control of citrus canker on young citrus trees
Leah Granke Morphological and physiological variation within Phytophthora capsici isolates from a worldwide collection
Stewart Gray PVY as an emerging potato problem in North America
Deborah Groth-Helms General Pospiviroid group RT-PCR
Russell Groves Modeling aphid vector flights and improved control of Potato virus Y
Dennis Halterman Molecular determinants of resistance activation and suppression by Phytophthora infestans effector IPI-O
Jong Hyun Ham The global regulatory network for the virulence of Burkholderia glumae, the major causal agent of bacterial panicle blight of rice
Jo Handelsman From metagenomics to metabolomics: Communication in the rhizosphere
Dalphy Harteveld Etiology and epidemiology of Alternaria leaf blotch and fruit spot of apple in Australia
Richard Hassell The pros and cons of cucurbit grafting in the United States
Bryan Hed Performance of prebloom leaf removal for the control of Botrytis bunch rot of grapes in Pennsylvania
John Fredy Hernandez Nopsa Effect of temperature on latent period of wheat stem rust (Puccinia graminis subsp. graminis f. sp. tritici) isolates across different wheat cultivars
Wanda L. Heuser Gale The industry's perspective on the National Clean Plant Network
Thien Ho TaqMan qPCR detection of three berry fruit ilarviruses
Peter Hobbelen The effect of the dose rate of a fungicide on the emergence of resistance
Hao Hu Real-time PCR quantification of live bacteria in citrus and noncitrus hosts of citrus huanglongbing
Kun Huang The role of MoHyr1 and MoyAP1 in tolerating reactive oxygen species generated during the Magnaporthe-barley interaction
Alejandra Huerta Temperature adaptation of Ralstonia solanacearum strains correlates with disease incidence
Hilary Hurd Strategies employed by animal parasites to enhance vector transmission
Alexander Ignatov Emerging plant pathogens in Russia
Patrik Inderbitzin Verticillium longisporum_A hybrid pathogen with an expanded host range
Jonathan Jacobs Transcriptomic and genetic approaches to define tomato resistance to the bacterial pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum
Shelley Jansky Breeding potato for PVY resistance
Arnet Jones Science-based risk and benefit assessment
Taylor Jones Statewide survey of grapevine leafroll-associated viruses and management of its vector, grape mealybug, in Virginia
Arnet Jones EPA and resistance management
Jeff Jones How high-throughput sequencing technology helps our understanding of plant-pathogenic bacteria (overview)
Yuba Kandel Effect of inoculation method, inoculum concentration, and plant growth stage on development of wheat bacterial leaf streak
Seogchan Kang Management of germplasm collections and associated data via informatics tools: Opportunities and challenges
Matthew Kasson Risk analysis for Verticillium nonalfalfae isolate VnAa40, causal agent of Verticillium wilt of Ailanthus altissima
Scott Koenig Factors involved in Indiana bitter rot outbreaks
Miroslav Kolarik Evolution, diversity, and ecology of the genus Geosmithia with emphasis on G. morbida
Sara Elisabetta Legler Sanitation and disease modeling can help powdery mildew control in organic viticulture
Yueqiang Leng A unique genomic region of the Cochliobolus sativus pathotype 2 isolates carries genes for high virulence on barley cv. Bowman
Laurene Levy Pathogen signatures- Beyond nucleic acids & proteins
Melanie Lewis Ivey Getting engaged in public policy work is easy
Yuanyuan Li Molecular, serological, and biological characterization of a novel carlavirus infecting potatoes in China
Qian Li The effect of volatile organic compounds produced by Ceratocystis fimbriata on the growth of soilborne Rhizoctonia solani and rice seed germination
Jiarui Li RNA interference-induced Heterodera glycines resistance in soybean
Xingpeng Li Distribution and detection of Botrytis species of blackberry and strawberry in the Southeast United States
Kelly Liberator Inhibitory effects of 2-aminoimidazole compounds on Monilinia fructicola
Magdalen Lindeberg Pseudomonas syringae type III effectors: Evolution, distribution, and host targets of a bacterial Monkey Wrench Gang
Emma Lookabaugh Understanding the impact of Pythium species on floricultural crops in North Carolina
David Lovelock Salicylic acid suppression of clubroot (Plasmodiophora brassicae) in Arabidopsis thaliana and Brassica oleracea
Andrew Loyd The risk associated with irrigating ornamental nursery plants with water containing Phytophthora
Frank Martin Expanded analysis of P. infestans mitochondrial haplotypes and correlation with nuclear genotype
Raymond D. Martyn The APS Foundation and I. E. Melhus Graduate Student Symposium; A successful and enduring partnership
Raymond D. Martyn Introduction and Foundation
Chakradhar Mattupalli Detection of Helminthosporium solani and Colletotrichum coccodes in organically grown asymptomatic and symptomatic potatoes
Kevin McCluskey Experience with best practice guidelines for microbial germplasm repositories at the Fungal Genetics Stock Center
Margaret McGrath Phytophthora infestans transmitted to seedlings growing from tomato fruit rotted by late blight but not their seed
Zelalem Mersha Peroxidase activity and total phenolics in basil (Ocimum spp.) in relation to resistance to Peronospora belbahrii, the causal agent of downy mildew of basil
Timothy Miles Infection of blueberries by Colletotrichum acutatum: Host defenses, inheritance of resistance, and environmental effects
Sally Miller Grafting eggplant to manage soilborne diseases: An international perspective
Gary Muehlbauer The role of trichothecenes in the Triticeae-Fusarium graminearum interactions
Christopher Mundt Information in multiscale epidemiological models
Kiran Mysore Hunt for sources of rust resistance in the bioenergy crop, switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.)
Noele Nelson Advantages and challenges of using Internet media for disease detection and tracking
Joseph Noling Summary of methyl bromide alternatives research in Florida strawberries
Philip Nolte Potato seed certification and PVY
Peter Ojiambo Relating aerial concentration and escape of Pseudoperonospora cubensis sporangia from a cucumber canopy to disease severity during cucurbit downy mildew epidemics
Jennifer Parker Survival of 'Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus' in different media over time
Marcial Pastor-Corrales Genetic analysis of broad-spectrum resistance in Mesoamerican common bean accession PI 310762 to the hypervariable bean rust pathogen
Nrupali Patel The type IV pilus plays a major role during interactions between the bacterial biological control agent Lysobacter enzymogenes and the fungal host Cryphonectria parasitica
Lee Pearson From boom to busted: Trade concerns and disputes under the WTO's SPS Agreement
Rick Peters Distribution and management of fungicide-resistant Fusarium spp. infecting potato seed tubers in Canada
Ramesh Pokharel Efficacy of trenching, rootstock, and compost to manage peach replant disease
Jacob Price Effects of temperature on virus titer development and population growth of the wheat curl mite in wheat streak-resistant wheat cultivars
Diego F. Quito-Avila Blueberry necrotic ring blotch virus represents a unique genus of plant RNA viruses
Antonia Dos Reis Figueira Partial characterization of a new Potyvirus species infecting soybean plants in Brazil
Christopher Ridout Temperature shifts compromise resistance to yellow rust in wheat
Renee Rioux Evaluation of model plants for use in elucidation of Sclerotinia homoeocarpa pathogenesis
Gregg Robideau Flagellar phylogenetics: A study of crown oomycete evolution
Isael Rubio Novel Pseudomonas syringae strains associated with leaf spot diseases on watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) and squash (Cucurbita pepo) in California
Erich Rudyj The National Clean Plant Network
Seiya Saito Comparative analysis of techniques for detection of quiescent Botrytis cinerea in grapes by quantitative PCR
Hyunkyu Sang A potential multidrug ABC transporter gene from field isolates of Sclerotinia homoeocarpa involved in propiconazole resistance
William Schneider Next-generation diagnostics: Eliminating the excessive sequence processing associated with next-generation sequencing using EDNA
Timothy S. Schubert Making and implementing program decisions in regulatory plant pathology
Keith Schuetz Chain of custody GPS-bar code app
Clark Seavert Quantifying the economic benefits of the National Clean Plant Network for the tree fruit industry in the Pacific Northwest
Anna Seidl Solanaceous weeds as potential hosts for new clonal lineages of Phytophthora infestans
Parama Sikdar PCR assays for diagnosis of postharvest fruit rots and early detection of Phacidiopycnis washingtonensis and Sphaeropsis pyriputrescens in apple fruit
Mathuresh Singh PVY and Canadian experience (part 1)
Matthew Smith Metagenomices in fungal community ecology_Combining new and old technologies to maximize our understanding of complex fungal communities
Tom Smith Virus-meditated protection of maize from Ustilago maydis
Pauline Spaine Current processes involved in biotech crop deregulation
Adam Sparks Preventing what ails rice with a strategic, statistical, prescriptive model system
Rajagopalbabu Srinivasan Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV)-resistant peanut genotypes and their interactions with thrips and TSWV
Pratibha Srivastava Effect of phenolic compounds on reduction of growth and laccase Botryosphaeria spp
Jason Stajich Comparative genomics and bioinformatic tools for studying evolution and speciation in fungi
Tryggvi Stefansson Thermal adaptation in the fungal pathogen Rhynchosporium commune
Arne Stensvand Suppression of cucumber powdery mildew by UV-B is affected by background light quality
Artesia Stivison Reintroduction of genetically engineered potatoes into the U.S. market
Cassandra Swett Induced resistance to pitch canker, caused by asymptomatic Fusarium circinatum infection, in seedlings of Pinus radiata
Les Szabo Development of a rapid molecular assay for the Ug99 race group of Puccinia graminis
Eric Tedford Limitations of small plots for crop enhancement effects in corn
Carla Thomas Emergence of unified concepts of disease in textual surveillance data
Sue Tolin Historical perspective of regulation and deregulation of biotech crops
Gail Tomimatsu Reviewing biopesticides in the United States
Susannah Tringe Metagenomics for complex microbial communities
William Turechek Use of latent class analysis to estimate the sensitivities and specificities of diagnostic tests for Squash vein yellowing virus in cucurbits
Cynthia Turski WatchDog Cellular Alert
Niloofar Vaghefi Taxonomic reassessment of the ray blight pathogen of pyrethrum in Australia
Grace van der Puije Comparative evaluation of the effect of plant products on the rhizosphere population of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici and the growth of tomato plants
Joerg Vandenhirtz Hyperspectral imaging for plant-phenomic research
Byron Vega Geographic and cultivar distribution of QoI-resistant Alternaria alternata isolates, causal agent of Alternaria brown spot on Florida tangerine hybrids
Sara Villani Detection and quantification of trifloxystrobin-resistant Venturia inaequalis using allele-specific real-time PCR
Boris Vinatzer The role of horizontal gene transfer in bacterial crop pathogen emergence
Phillip Vines Bermudagrass putting greens: A closer look at the root of the problem
Layne Wade Kasugamycin and kasugamycin-fungicide mixtures for managing bacterial spot of tomato
Christopher Wallis Introduction of the 2012 Recipients for Bacteriology
Nian Wang Insights into the virulence mechanism of Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri
Shizu Watanabe Interaction of Buchnera GroEL from Pentalonia nigronervosa with Banana bunchy top virus (Nanoviridae)
Shizu Watanabe Tanslocation path of Banana bunchy top virus (Nanoviridae) in the aphid vector Pentalonia nigronervosa as revealed by real-time PCR and immunofluorescence assays
Ruth Welliver Plum pox virus case study: The eradication road is paved in gold
Lindsay Wells Fungicides do not reduce fruit rot following a simulated hail event
Mark Windham From discovery to regulation: A pathologist_s perspective of thousand cankers disease in eastern United States
Hendrik Winter Wide hybridisations for blackleg (Leptosphaeria maculans) resistance transfer into oilseed rape (Brassica napus)
William Wintermantel Environmental factors contributing to development of lettuce dieback disease and genomic characterization of Lettuce necrotic stunt virus
F. Workneh Potato zebra chip in the Pacific Northwest: Impact and probable psyllid source assessments
Chris Wozniak Biotechnology for disease management: Regulatory considerations
Drew Wright Agronomic evaluation of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) recombinant inbred lines segregating for resistance to southern root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita)
Bing Yang Using TAL effector nucleases for targeted genetic modification
Tom Zitter Review of large-scale field trials in potatoes

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